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Orecchio jack lettore UHF
UHF Phone Reader Donger Reader

UHF Phone Reader Donger ReaderInventory, Intelligent Tour Appliances,Electronic Logistics Query

UHF Phone Reader Donger ReaderIntelligent Electronic Petrol, ETC system Highway

UHF Phone Reader Donger ReaderVerifying Authenticity,Security System

UHF Phone Reader Donger ReaderSimple Tracking For Goods Sale,Maintenance,Warranty Purpose

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Product Description

UHF Phone Reader Donger Reader


Product modelIVF-RU01

Product descriptionsIVF-RU01 first generation UHF elf is a portable mini reader, it can be connected with IOS, Android and other intelligent system platform by 3.5mm headphone jack, change original UHF RFID tag must use special equipment to achieve UHF reader miniaturization, low cost, civilian, and promote RFID application system works really popular.

 Parameter specifications:

1Support UHF tag protocol ISO18000-6C

2Support iosandroid intelligent system platforms.

3Communication interface: 3.5mm audio interface ( common headphone jack)

4 Read distance:  50cmdepend on tag size

5 work time: continuous 3  hours, query over 30 000 times.

6 Material: ABS+PC engineer plastic.



9Battery capacity550mA

10Charge methodUSB 5V/0.5Acharge time 2 hours.

11Work environment temperature: -20~60

12Indicator light state:

normal work: green light maintain light.

read tag EPCgreen light flashes.

read tag USER area data: green light flashes.

equipment malfunction: light does not shine.

Low power: green light has been slow blink ( low power alarm, please charge as soon as possible) Ultra low power: green light always flash rapidly ( low power can’t use, can’t read)

⑦ In charge: long red light.

Charge electricity finished: red light exterminate.

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